F/V Chrissy D. and Fortunate Son returning from sea.
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A Day at The Chrissy D. Lobster Company

Walk in front of The Chrissy D. Lobster Company.

Our pound is open to walk-in retail customers on a seasonal basis. See our home page for hours.

At Chrissy D. Lobster Co. some of the lobsters we purchase are purchased 'over the road' from other lobster dealers up and down the beautiful coast of Maine, but the majority of the lobsters we buy come directly from local lobstermen who pull up and offload right here in Kittery, Maine.

When we buy lobsters from our local fishermen the boats begin to arrive at the float on the back of the lobster pound in the afternoon, usually around 2:00 pm.

The lobster tanks on the boats are drained, and the crewmembers begin to unload their day’s catch into crates, which are marked so they can be identified by fisherman.

The lobster crates are then hoisted up into the pound and placed into the lobster tanks. At Chrissy D. Lobster Co. we have a 10,000 lb lobster holding facility with circulating, aerated, refrigerated sea water.

The water is kept at about 39 degrees to slow down the lobster’s metabolism. This makes them easier to handle and reduces the chance of injury.

Captain and crew of the 'Fortunate Son' unloads their catch at the dock at The Chrissy D. Lobster Company.

The 'Fortunate Son' unloads her catch at our dock.

Chrissy sorts lobster.

Chrissy sorts through new arrivals.

Either later that day or early the next morning the crates are pulled out of the tanks, drained, and weighed in for each fisherman.

Once we have purchased our lobsters whether its from other Maine lobster dealers or from our own fishermen, the crates are culled through and the lobsters are separated by shell quality and size. From this point the majority of the lobsters are wholesaled and delivered to another lobster dealer, restaurants, or fish markets. During the summer months we retail lobsters at our 11 Water Street location. We also ship lobsters anywhere in the continental U.S. year round.