F/V Chrissy D. and Fortunate Son returning from sea.
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About The Chrissy D. Lobster Company

We have been wholesaling lobsters to local restaurants and dealers for 25 years. In August of 2001 we decided to market our own lobsters and started the Chrissy D. Lobster Company.

Our stock is supplied by our fleet of three family-owned and operated lobster boats, as well as other local fishermen. We also buy from and sell to suppliers from Downeast Maine.

Our facility is located on the water front and has capacity for 10,000 pounds of lobster.

Chrissy's husband, Phil, has been a full time commercial lobster fisherman for over 30 years. See what it's like working on Phil's lobster boat, the 'Chrissy D.' , at The Lobsterman's Page , an educational web site about lobsters and lobster fishing that Phil helped create.

Phil checks a tide chart

Phil checks a tide chart.
(Image courtesy of The Lobsterman's Page)